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Rafie Cecilia


Rafie is a final year PhD candidate at the UCL Institute of Archaeology and the UCL Human-Computer Interaction Centre. Her research project examines why blind and partially sighted people visit museums and how they make meaning of their visit through embodied experiences of technology. Rafie has extensive experience of working in museums, carrying out independent research projects, public speaking, coordinating public engagement activities, and university teaching. She is an advocate for equality, social justice, and sustainable change. Her work is in service of the idea that cultural heritage must be open and accessible to everyone in society, and she puts these principles into practice in concrete and sustainable ways.

As part of her work as an access consultant and audience researcher, she collaborates with the British Museum (London), the Fitzwilliam Museum (University of Cambridge), the Wellcome Collection (London) and the Science Museum Group (London). She is a member of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies and the Group for Literary Archives & Manuscripts.

A lady with long hair looks towards the camera, smiling. Her arms are folded in a relaxed manner. The photograph is taken outside.