GDI is made up of communities, practitioners and researchers. We know from our experience that evidence-led programmes, community co-creation and applied research are all essential parts of any innovative solution. Our practice projects section provides the highlights of initiatives which are not traditional 'research' projects, and are usually led by our CIC team or partners.

Enable Makeathon 2.0 - photo of team smiling next to a GDI hub banner
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Enable Makeathon 2.0

Partnering with UCL and the International Committee of the Red Cross, the GDI Hub hosted the Enable Makeathon 2.0 in London. Five teams were selected to come to London to further develop their disability innovation ideas into new products and services over the course of a 16-day intensive ‘bootcamp’.

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Two innovators working on a spring based system to adjust the width of a manual wheelchair seat to the dimension of the usersion of the

Innovate Now: How is GDI Hub Accelerating Disability Innovation in Kenya?

Innovate Now is a new partnership created through the AT2030 programme to accelerate disability innovation in Kenya and East Africa

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A wheelchair user facing away from camera at a bright yellow table full of art supplies, the floor is orange/red chequered pattern and there are two other people at the table. It looks like a classroom.

AT: 2030 - Assistive Technology Scoping Exercise

Funded by DFID this focused on mapping and analysis of the innovation landscape around Assistive Technology globally with a focus on low and middle-income countries to highlight potential market failures and to scope out possible solutions.

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An ugandan boy in a full classroom raises his hand to ask something to teacher.

Inclusive Education in Uganda: The Impact of Assistive Technology

The project focuses on the impact of assistive technology and accessible learning materials in promoting participation of children with disabilities in Uganda. This project aims to provide support to overcome barriers to education through assistive technology and to develop the evidence base for how technology helps inclusion in the classroom.

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Group photo of AT Scale members

AT 2030 Subprogramme: Support to ATscale the Global AT Partnership

To accelerate access to AT, ATscale the Global Partnership for Assistive Technology was formally launched at the Global Disability Summit in 2018. The Partnership will catalyse change, amplify existing work, and coordinate access to AT by tackling supply and demand side drivers to scale. The AT 2030 programme will continue to support the development and implementation of ATscale.

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