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Global Disability Innovation Hub Pop-Up Days 2016

The ‘pop-up’ Global Disability Innovation Hub held in the week commencing 16th May 2016 was a great success and helped shape the thinking and strategy for the Hub. It attracted over 100 participants across five sessions covering the following topics; navigation of QEOP for people with visual impairment, 3D printing of wheelchairs, post-skins and interfaces, how disabled children get to school in Zimbabwe with the final session focussing on the future of GDI Hub.

The workshops, hacks and discussions, all with disabled people at the heart of the activities, only cemented in the founding partners minds that not only was this a good idea, but something that had to happen.

The pop-up was funded by UCL Global Challenges 2034 & The LLDC.

The pop-up led directly to the launch of the GDI Hub by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on the 3rd September 2016. The UCL press release is available here.

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