Enable Makeathon 

Global Makeathon to create new products and services in employability and accessibility. The event will be held co-currently in Banglore and London, and is delivered in partnership with the ICRC.

Disability Innovation Summit 

In July the GDI Hub put on it's first inclusive summit alongside the World Para-Athletics Championships. The event brough together global experts in disability innovation. 

Global Challenges

This UCL, Loughborough University and London College of Fashion compitition saw groups of students explore disability challenges. The winning team recieved a grant to progress an exciting new piece of assistive tech. 

Fashion & Fastenings Hack

Exploring clothing design this hack looked at fastenings for disabled people and the importance of design, material and style. 

Disability Innovation Accelorator 

Call to industry focus on Inclusive City Living, Assistive Technologies and Big Data & Analytics, bringing together start-ups, established businesses, disabled people and NGOs to shape disability tech globally. Run by Plexal, successful collaborations will receive incubation within Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem. 

National Paralympic Day & Liberty Festival 

Celebrating disability on the Queen Elizabeth Olymic Park.

Movtivate East 

Inspired by the 2012 Paralympic Games Motivate East delivers sport and physical activity opportunities to disabled people.

Build Environment Access Panel (BEAP)

Made up of disabled people and inclusive design experts, the BEAP group advises on all key projects on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park