Five teams were selected to come to London to develop their disability innovation ideas into new products and services. 

Over the course of 16 days the teams transformed early stage concepts into prototypes, business plans and viable products.

Working alongside industry leaders, mentors and disabled people, the teams refined their concepts to develop impactful low cost solutions with the potential to make a global impact. 

The winners of the London Enable Makeathon, who will go through to the next stage of the product refinement process are:

Team NONSPEC - Below knee prosthetic system that is affordable and lightweight and can be adjusted as the user grows. It increases the lifetime of a limb from 6-8 months to up to 4 years.

Team Amparo - Prosthetic socket that can be easily remolded in the home to change shape and size with the gowth of an individual.

Team GameAble - accessible gaming software to enable young people to play video games with their peers. It features gesture recognition control software to replace keyboards for people with fine motor control difficulties.

A huge well done to all other teams involved, who's innovative products were highly commended by the judges: 

Team GlassChair - smart glasses to enable electric wheelchairs users to navigate their surroundings via head movements. It is delighted specifically for people that currently use a joystick and have limited upper body movement. 

Team MITRAN - a walking frame with retractable legs to allow users to move across uneven ground and stairs more more easily. 

The next phase will see teams refine and develop their products and business plans; while collating wider testing and feedback from audiences in multiple locations. In early Feburary the remaining teams will complete to win incubation and the opportunity to scale up their products.