The academic vision for the GDI Hub is:

  1. A trans-disciplinary centre focused on innovative research around disability issues.
  2. A global knowledge exchange hub, to allow community members to exchange and develop research ideas and findings.
  3. PhD opportunities which straddle founding partner institutions.
  4. Innovative learning opportunities including novel MSc courses which harness the unique opportunity afforded by combining expertise across UCL, University of the Arts London and Loughborough London.
  5. A unique offering of outreach activities, which build on the work with wider communities already being achieved by the Academic & Cultural Quarter of the QEOP.

GDI Hub research themes:

  • User-centred design of technological solutions
  • Sustainable materials and technologies
  • Bespoke manufacturing and enterprise models
  • Cultural and sporting catalysts for change
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Positive models to inspire change
  • Disability inclusive international development

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Our projects:

  • Power Up! This project adapts existing power add-on used by people with self-propselled wheelchairs to provide an optimal level of assistance using fuel cell technology to reduce the weight of the device.
  • Audio Wayfinding - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: Working with 'Wayfindr' and 'Cities Unlocked' projects we are looking to offer audio wayfinding on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and it's surrounding infrastructure (i.e. public transport stations and Westfield Shopping Centre). 
  • Built Environment Education Project: To make inclusive design central to the education and training of built environment professionals, ensuring that all buildings, places and spaces can be easily and comfortably accessed and used by everyone. 
  • Accessible Routes from Crowdsourced Cloud Services: A system that captures wheelchair movement around a city to provide detailed route mapping for wheelchair users, as well as information to urban planners on accessibility of the built environment.
  • Getting disabled people to school in Zimbabwe: Using inclusive design, low cost technology transfer and technological innovation to explore ways to improve the design of current forms of transport. 

For more details about the GDI Hub's Research and Teaching Centre, please see our site at UCL.

(image courtesy of Leonard Cheshire Disability)