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Dr Rhys Williams

Rhys uses his knowledge of HCI research, universal design and entrepreneurship to build products and services which help to improve people’s lives. Rhys’ PhD explored the prosthesis wearing experience using research in the wild techniques and ubiquitous computing technologies to understand how prostheses could be improved. His work has been published in disability, healthcare, and Human-Computer Interaction journals, and has been awarded a Japanese research fellowship, ACM travel scholarship, and ‘research through making’ award.

Outside of academia, he founded a rehabilitation startup, winning the London Business School health technology challenge. He has also worked as an end-to-end UX researcher and product developer, creating products and services in the financial service, entertainment and mobility industries, for clients such as RBS, Ford, Amazon and the BBC.

At GDI Hub, Rhys predominantly works with the Innovate Now accelerator. He is currently designing a comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculum and set of tools to ensure all innovators are capable of refining and scaling their businesses.

Headshot of Rhys Williams