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Dr Dafne Zuleima Morgado Ramirez

Researcher in Assistive Technology

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Dr Dafne Zuleima Morgado Ramirez is Research Associate at the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC) of University College London since 2014.

She is a Researcher in Assistive Technology at the Global Disability Innovation hub and also member of the Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology, founder of the Neurodivergent Staff Network at UCL, Fair Recruitment Specialist at UCL and member of the UCL Disability Equality Steering Group.

Dafne is passionate about multidisciplinary research that aims to achieve technology that is affordable, appropriate, accessible and inclusive. Her research interests are human-computer interaction, assistive and wearable technology, participatory research, social media, social model of disability, adult autism, in development countries and biomedical engineering (medical devices, biomechanics, biomedical instrumentation, signal processing).

She has worked at the Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science located at the Royal National Orthopaedics Hospital at Stanmore researching assistive robotic exoskeleton technology. She has also worked in industry as a Clinical Engineer. Before joining UCL she obtained a PhD in Biomechanics and Sports Science, an MSc in Biomedical Engineering, a Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Engineering and an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Photo of Dafne with loose curly black hair and wearing eyeglasses.